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I'm going to first start off with the art and anatomy overall before I cover the design of Tori and her bio. The vision of the reference sheet seems a little plain with a white background. Next time you make a reference sheet, avoid a white background and pick a color that would go with making her character pop out. The border where you have her base colors and extra I would change to a more unsaturated color since the bright red is distracting to the eye and make it difficult on focus on the extra stuff.

The color technique is very rough, you can see some of the color outside of the line on the front view. Its near her tip of her pony tail and would fix that. The shading could use a little more work, my suggestion is depending on what program you use (Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Tool SAI, etc) I would look up various tutorials on color and shading. I will tell you that many of them are very good resources. It never hurts as an artist to look up tutorials, some can help you. You just need to figure out which one you think will help you improve.

Now as of Tori's design, its got a lot of going out which is distracting the viewer's eye and makes her design look "confusing." The pink clothing clashes with her orange and yellow base colors. I would look into picking a different color that would go well with her overall design and clothing. Look into lighter colors like tan or brown color. The red color in her design I would remove since they are very saturated and just seem like they don't flow well with the rest of her. Since the red is probably the least important in her design, removing it and replacing it with other base colors from her design should work well. The goggles could use more working, they don't seem to go well with her design, maybe changing them to more of a pilot style goggles might work better with her design. If you need any additional help, feel free to ask me, I can provide you some links to tutorials and resources to help you out. :)

Now her bio, the first thing that really jumped out at me is her species. A tiger/cheetah hybrid can't exist. I usually tell others when working on a character that avoid unrealistic hybrids animals. Some examples of real hybrid animals are the liger and zorse to use as an example. This is where the tough decision comes, I know you probably pick her to be a hybrid because you like the two animals but I would decide on just settling her as one species, a tiger or a cheetah. If you plan to keep her yellow fur, I would make her a cheetah but if you like those stripes, change her to a tiger but change the base color to orange or white. Also I would suggest looking up fur variation of cheetahs and tigers. For example there are cheetahs called "King Cheetahs" that have think spots while tiger have "Golden Tabby Tigers" that have a rich light orange color. Believe me, your character will stand out if you keep her as just one species.

Her skills, the points seem to high since all of them at above 5 which isn't a good thing since it make it seem like she not weak at all. I suggest lower some of the number under 5, and maybe keep two of them in the upper number like 8 so that she is a little more balanced.

Her backstory, the first hiccup I saw was her fire power and how hers are stronger as Blaze's fire power. A rule of thumb with any Sonic fan character is to not make them strong than a canon character like Blaze as it makes the character seem too overpowered. I would remove that bit in her story and just mentioned she had fire powers. I would maybe add a hint of her fire power being trouble, like she didn't have control of them as a child and that is why they tried to get rid of them. The last little hiccup is her and her father having fire powers. You mention he lost his powers with time but she doesn't. I think that is rather strange she she clearly got the powers from him and they were passed down when she was born. I would maybe make that a weakness or fear for her is that she doesn't want to lose those powers. I would definitely write that she will lose them eventually since it seems to be hereditary and would make more sense. Otherwise I feel the backstory is okay but as mention, there's always room for improvement. Read it over carefully and think "Does this make sense?"

Tori's design and bio need some reworking, I mentioned some advice and tips but if you want additional information like resources and tutorial you are more than welcome to ask me. With a little work, Tori will improve and you'll gain a better understanding on creating, designing and writing characters. :)
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